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“Bitcoin Ordinals” is a term used to refer to a system that creates unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by attaching data such as images, videos, and other media to individual satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) on the base Bitcoin blockchain.

Instead of existing on a separate layer, these NFTs are created using an arbitrary but logical ordering system known as ordinal theory. This system assigns a unique number to each individual Bitcoin satoshi, allowing for the creation of truly unique NFTs that are tied directly to the Bitcoin blockchain.

By attaching media to individual satoshis in this way, Bitcoin Ordinals potentially offer a new way to create and trade digital art and other unique digital assets, with the added security and transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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The introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals, pure NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, has ignited a fierce debate within the cryptocurrency community. While proponents see them as a gateway to expand Bitcoin’s functionality, critics, including prominent figures like Max Keiser, label them as spam. This controversy has the potential to lead to a Bitcoin fork, reminiscent of past disagreements over protocol rules and block size. The outcome remains uncertain, but the impact on the cryptocurrency landscape is undeniable.

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