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Opinion: Experts views on the burning issues of blockchain & crypto industry

Discover opinion and expert views on the burning issues of blockchain and crypto industry by web3 leaders and think tanks.

JPMorgan’s participation in the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF as a custodian raises eyebrows, given its history of hefty fines and controversies. Concerns over counterparty risk loom large in the crypto industry, emphasizing the importance of individuals holding their own bitcoins to avoid potential consequences of a major Wall Street bank’s involvement.

The introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals, pure NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, has ignited a fierce debate within the cryptocurrency community. While proponents see them as a gateway to expand Bitcoin’s functionality, critics, including prominent figures like Max Keiser, label them as spam. This controversy has the potential to lead to a Bitcoin fork, reminiscent of past disagreements over protocol rules and block size. The outcome remains uncertain, but the impact on the cryptocurrency landscape is undeniable.