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Founded in 2019 by OpenAI chief Sam Altman and Alex Blania, Worldcoin is an ambitious cryptocurrency and digital ID project that aims to create a decentralized identity and financial network powered by blockchain technology. Their mission is to address the global issue of the millions of people lacking a legal and digitally-verifiable identity, which limits their access to essential services and participation in the global economy.

The project is backed by the Worldcoin Foundation, whose philosophical and political aims are focused on creating more inclusive, fair, and just institutions of governance and a global digital economy. They share the vision of achieving certain targets of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16, emphasizing the importance of peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Worldcoin’s protocol includes World ID, the privacy-preserving digital identity system to prove an individual’s unique personhood and enable access to various services and opportunities; the Worldcoin token (WLD), freely distributed to unique individuals; and the World App, a protocol-compatible wallet developed by Tools for Humanity, allowing secure transactions using digital assets and fiat-backed stablecoins.

The ultimate goal of Worldcoin’s decentralized identity and financial network is to unlock and distribute the potential economic implications of AI while preserving privacy, enabling global democratic processes, and potentially providing a path for AI-funded universal basic income (UBI).

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