American rapper, singer and songwriter Doja Cat launches ‘Planet Doja’ NFT On Tezos-powered platform OneOf.

On the announcement, Doja Cat took to twitter to say:

“I don’t know that much about NFT’s. But what I do know is that they can be bad for the environment and cost a fortune. Mine won’t. Get over to and check out my first NFT collection now,”

The NFTs were described as: “affordably priced and purchasable with credit and debit cards in 150 FIAT currencies, as well as using Tez (XTZ) and other major cryptocurrencies.

Tezos Price Action: The launch was well received by the market and it pushed the Tezos price up by more than 20% in the past 24 hours. The news pushed the Tezos price as high as $6.5 before settling down at $5.8.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is a renegade, breakout star who has made the move from TikTok virality to topping the charts, winning awards, and collaborating with some of today’s biggest acts. Doja Cat has been creating musical and visual content since her teens, releasing her debut EP, Purr!, in 2014. Her first studio album, Amala, dropped in 2018, followed by the Billboard-topping follow-up, Hot Pink, in 2019. With her Nicki Minaj collaboration for that album’s “Say So” remix, Doja reached new heights with a Billboard #1 single. Since then, she has collaborated with some of today’s biggest female acts, including Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion. Her third studio album, Planet Her, debuted in June 2021 with 27.6 million streams on Spotify, the highest number for a female rapper ever achieved. With over 1 billion streams on Spotify to date, the album features Doja’s SZA collab “Kiss Me More,” which peaked at #1 on Top 40 radio – with many to come.

The Dawn of Planet Doja

Doja Cat launched her first NFt collection called ‘Planet Doja‘. There will be a total of 26,000 limited-edition collectibles – 5,000 platinum edition and 21,000 gold edition.

The Dawn Of Planet Doja
The Dawn Of Planet Doja. Image Courtesy of OneOf

In this drop, she blooms, breathes, and flows with 3 Floral Tokens and 2 Elemental Tokens. The Floral Tokens are comprised of the Nemesia, Flame Lily and Protea Gold Tier Tokens. Collectors can pick one of these luscious flowers, or collect one of the Platinum Tier Elemental Wind and Water Tokens, to become a Kittizen Founder and gain exclusive access to the OneOf Planet Doja Discord channel. This is where members can check Doja news, drop updates, engage with your fellow Kittizens, and play daily Planet Doja trivia games to win amazing prizes and bragging rights. Lucky owners of the Floral Tokens and Elemental Wind and Water Tokens may discover a surprise Golden Ticket representing a pair of tickets to Doja Cat’s next tour in their OneOf Vault, which offers OneOf token holders special access to unlockable content, perks, and experiences exclusively available via the OneOf platform. 5% of the platform revenue from every collection in the Planet Doja series will be donated to the Global Citizen organization. The NFT starts at as low as $5.

The Planet Doja Collection 001 contains the inaugural tokens of the Doja Cat universe: User’s tickets to Planet Doja, the artist’s futurist fantasy, where all races, species, and styles can co-exist in celestial harmony. With OneOf’s exclusive Doja-designed drops, fans can join her on her journey to the metaverse, and beyond!

This first collection consists of 7 tokens total, available in 3 sequential drops: The Dawn (3 Gold tier Floral Tokens and 2 Platinum tier Elemental Wind and Water Tokens), The Fire (1 Diamond tier Elemental Fire Token), and The Rise (featuring the prized OneOf Crystal Token, minted in a single unique edition). As a Collection 001 token owner, collectors will be a Kittizen Founder of Planet Doja and gain access to the OneOf Planet Doja Discord community in addition to other special rewards and prizes based on your token tier.

Planet Doja Collection 001 is the Genesis collection for Doja Cat, and this is only the beginning. With future upcoming Doja Cat collections, Genesis token owners will be able to fuse their tokens together to receive new, even more rare tokens.

By owning any combination of 3 tokens from Collection 001, you’ll have the choice to fuse those tokens and redeem the fusion for unique Collection 002 tokens of a higher tier, or to keep your 3 individual Collection 001 tokens – the choice is yours! By choosing to fuse your tokens, you will essentially reduce the available supply on the secondary market, making the Doja Cat Collection 001 tokens even more rare for true collectors and fans. Future collections in the Planet Doja series will be announced in the next 6 month.


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