West Coast-based Dirtybird Records Launches ‘A Unique Generative NFT Project’ Flight Club derived from the original DIRTYBIRD logo.

Dirtybird Records is an award winning record label, festival producer and collective, headed by Claude VonStroke.

NFT Is A Big Craze

Generative NFT projects like Dirtybird Flight Club are all the rage, and their values keep going up. One very popular digital collectible CryptoPunks recently booked $1 billion in lifetime sales according to crypto tracker CryptoSlam. As NFT speculation surges, everyone is trying to get a piece of it. Last month, payment giant Visa bought a ‘CryptoPunk’ for $150,000.

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What is Dirtybird Flight Club?

Dirtybird Flight Club (DFC) is an exclusive collection of 9090 unique bird NFTs from over 200 traits. Based on the original hand drawn logo by Claude VonStroke, each bird element has been brought to life by renowned pop-surrelist, Birdcap.

Dirtybird Flight Club NFTs mint on the Ethereum blockchain, and it will be available for purchase using the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

DFC Tokens Comes With Real Utility

Dirtybird says that the Flight Clud tokens are not just digital art works, but they have real world utility. The DFC token holders will get access to exclusive music from DIRTYBIRD artists, holders only merch drops, win tickets for DIRTYBIRD Campout, DIRTYBIRD CampINN and DIRTYBIRD BBQs, and participate in exclusive original events and meet-up events for members.

DIRTYBIRD has announced to donate $25,000 from the NFT sale to a charity chosen by community members. Future utilities will be announced for token holders as the community matures.

It’s little surprise DIRTYBIRD has embraced the NFT phenomenon, the label has been intrinsically tied with visual artists since 2012, when VonStroke created the label’s artist in residence program. An avid collector and supporter of the low-brow surrealist movement, DIRTYBIRD artists in residence have included Jeremy Fish, Dulk, Raoul Deleo, Dan May, Charlie Immer, Graham Carter, Felicia Chiao and Birdcap. Chema Mendez is the current artist in residence with the slot for 2022 taken by Stom500. But, some of the visual artists earlier associated with the label are doing well in NFT space now. So it seems a natural progression for Birtybird Records.

Dirtybird Flight Club NFT Sale

Flight Club NFT early bird list presale goes live on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.

Public sale goes live on TUESDAY, OCT 5, Public Mint October 5th, and NFTs are priced at 0.06 ETH.

NFT Collectors can get more info by joining the DFC discord http://discord.gg/flightclub or via its twitter handle @dirtybirdart.


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