Gamified decentralized finance platform DeFi Land raises $4.1 million in its first round of funding. Several dozen investors allocated capital to this project in recent weeks. The concept of gamifying investment action can make DeFi (decentralized finance) much more appealing and accessible.

The investment seen participation form prominent investors including Animoca Brands, Alameda, Jump Capital, NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation,, MXC, Solar Eco Fund, Youbi Capital, and others.

DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture simulation web game designed to introduce the mainstream to decentralized finance. More importantly, it gamifies all aspects of traditional DeFi protocols, creating intuitive and educational solutions for those exploring alternative finance solutions. Making decentralized finance more accessible to a global audience is a crucial priority for the DeFi Land team.

Brian Lee, VC at Alameda stated that: “Defliland is an incredible blend of the two most interesting things happening in crypto right now – gaming and defi. We believe that Defiland can be a real game-changer in getting casual gamers and the crypto retails into defi”.

Such outspoken support from investors confirms the viability of what DeFi Land wants to achieve. Building a solution that aggregates across different protocols is crucial to bring DeFi to a mainstream audience. Moreover, the platform will support non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and introduce a play-to-earn model involving achievements, tasks, battles, and other solutions to earn income.

When the team adds NFTs, they will provide benefits to the token holders. Every NFT in this ecosystem represents a unique game object, including trees, buildings, tractors, and other farm-related objects. These gamified items introduce new opportunities to borrow or lend money, providing liquidity, reward farming, et cetera.

The creation of native NFTs is only one aspect of DeFi Land. Existing non-fungible tokens will gain a new “life” through additional utility. Taking the SolananaMonkeyBusiness NFT as an example, it will generate monkeys running around in your DeFi Land game environment. Players can interact with these monkeys, adding an extra layer of interactivity and interoperability.

One intriguing aspect about DeFi Land is how the overall weather in this game reflects the current market conditions. Players can look forward to sunny days, although there will be bad weather days too.

The team is finalizing DeFi Land integration with Serum and Raydium. A beta version of the platform will go live in q4 of 2021, as well as the NFT marketplace. In addition, more Solana protocols and other blockchains – including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain – will occur in the coming months.

Furthermore, DeFi Land will focus one education through a dedicated “educational mode”. It is a practice mode for retail users, allowing them to gain better insights as to what they can expect in this gamified environment. Later this year, the overall interface will be enhanced to make onboarding of non-crypto users to DeFi more straightforward and appealing.


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