Marhaba DeFi today announced that Acreditus Partners, Dubai-based angel innovation investor, has made an strategic investment in the first halal decentralised finance platform. The amount of the deal was not announced by the firms.

Today’s announcement follows an investment from Sheesha Finance last week. Sheesha Finance and Marhaba has agreed to collaborate alongside mutually beneficial initiatives that align with and promote Islamic Finance business practices.

As part of the deal, Acreditus Partners Founder Mr Khalid Howladar joins as Chairman of the Marhaba DeFi Governance Board.

Acreditus Partners supports innovative start-ups and believe in the potential of decentralized finance to democratize access to the crypto-economy.

Commenting on the MRHB DeFi, Acreditus Founder, Howladar, said:

“MRHB DeFi’s ethical and inclusive community vision for the cryptoverse marks a significant difference from other projects in this space that are fraught with failure and fraud.”

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