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About DAWINKS Co., Ltd

DAWINKS Co., Ltd is a South Korean FinTech company. For the past 16 years, the company has already established a significant market for its KYC and adult authentication service based on its patented technology for detecting ID cards and passport-related frauds/forgery. DAWINKS is now working on two innovative digital technologies – ComboScan and Blockchain DIGITAL (CRYPTO) ATM and POS.

DAWINKS is developing ComboScan to be used at more than 650 locations, including airports, casinos, sports, government organizations, financial establishments, convenience stores, etc. These scanners would help in exposing counterfeited and false IDs and passports.

The launch of a DPEC ( Digital Payment Exchange currency) platform is supposed to establish a Digital ATM equipped with KYC authentication and POS (QR Pay) service to ease the processes like payment, settlement, currency exchange, and remittance. The most eye-catching feature about this platform is crypto and all the above-said operations related to it.