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About Bloccelerate VC

Founded in 2018, Bloccelerate VC is a Seattle-based VC firm focused on early-stage investments in blockchain technology startups. Bloccelerate VC is led by General Partners Kate Mitselmakher and Sam Yilmaz. Having personally experienced the volatility of the emerging market economies, both Mitselmakher and Yilmaz have developed an appreciation for the disruptive potential of blockchain in the financial world.

Bloccelerate’s investment thesis specifically focuses on revenue-generating use cases that enable  trustless “consensus over the wire” for multiple stakeholders who do not necessarily know or trust each other. Examples from Bloccelerate portfolio include BlockApps’s solution tracking multiple billions of dollars worth of highest-value stewarded products for Bayer Crop Sciences (Source), and Symbiont’s solution successfully managing $1.3+ trillion worth of passive index data for Vanguard (Source). Bloccelerate VC believes that, ultimately, blockchain solves the “single source of truth” problem – permeating virtually every sector and every geography. Learn More About Bloccelerate VC at

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Address: 701 5th Ave 75th Floor, Seattle, WA 98104

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