• Steve Ellis, Will Pfeifer, John Rozum, Christy Marx, and more big-name creators are making the Emergents Comic Book Series A Masterpiece.

The launch of the highly anticipated NFT Trading Card Game “Emergents” will be preceded by a comic book series that introduces characters from the game. After the first comic book was released a few weeks ago, the second volume of the Emergents comic book series has been released.

Both the storyline and drawings in the series are world-class and created by a team of artists and writers that have built a great reputation creating comics for Marvel. They previously have created both art and stories for Marvel comic books like X-Men, Iron Man, The Hulk, Spiderman, Crimson Dynamo, Spider Woman, Darkstar, Ultraverse, and much more. 

(See for reference https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Marvel_Database the writers and artists that have contributed to the first two editions of the series: Steve Ellis, Will Pfeifer, John Rozum, Christy Marx, Sholly Fisch, Cliff Richards, Freddie E Williams II, Scott Kolins, Cover Artist, and Julian Lopez)

Three comic book series

There will be three comic book series launched that will form the Emergents Universe comic book line: “The Nine”, ” Emergents Presents” and a stand-alone version that will follow the character “ZoeMG”.

The comics will be free-to-read on the InterPopComics.com platform, but in the first week, after they are released, they can only be read if you buy the NFT version, which is priced under $10 USD. Buying the NFT version of the comic will allow you to read the comic right away. 

Certain decisions in the future storyline or artwork of the comics will be in the hands of the fans through a governance system. Owning an NFT of the comic will allow you to participate in a vote specific to that issue of the comic. 

Wednesday, August 25th will mark the date of the beginning of the release of the first free-to-read content. One of the three stories each week. There will also be offerings of Limited Edition variant cover versions of the comic for sale with covers tied to the story that is being featured that week.

The series are:

The Nine (written by Will Pfeifer and drawn by Steve Elllis) launched with a #0 that we gave away as the InterPop Block Party to celebrate our line. The book follows Denny Goodwin as he transforms from street-level vigilante Crime Blotter to a cosmic-powered investigator known as Time Blotter. He is being compelled to unravel the mysteries of the Emergents Universe by assembling a team of nine heroes — one of whom is presumed dead and at the center of the knot of mysteries on Time Blotter’s to-solve list.

Emergents Presents is an anthology title that will give us a monthly look at three different characters in the Emergents Universe. The first issue — on sale now at InterPopComics.com — introduces Southside Sentry (written by Sholly Fisch and drawn by Freddie Williams II) The Accelerant (written by Christy Marx and drawn by Scott Kolins) and The Abyss (written by John Rozum and drawn by Cliff Richards). Future issues will have a rotating cast of characters and creators.

Our third title is our first stand-alone book for an Emergents character and will be out in October. It follows the adventures of our social media star superhero #ZoeMG and is written by NY Times best-selling author Danielle Paige and is being drawn by rising star PJ Kaiowá, who we are very excited to be working with on this book. #ZoeMG will first appear in The Nine #1 and she will also play a large role in that title. – – – Brian David-Marshall

Currently, two volumes of the series are launched. The first volume of The Nine #0 can be collected as an NFT for free. It tells the story of how a character called “Crime Blotter” turns into “Time Blotter”.

Time Blotter is a character that is part of the Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG). If you have been following the developments lately, you could have spotted Time Blotter in the first NFTs that have been sold as part of the Emergents TCG. (That presale has recently ended.)

In-browser reading

The comics can currently be read by opening them in your browser after selecting them on InterPopComics.com. There is a toolbar on the bottom of the reader when you open the comic and using the Panel View feature will zoom in and let you scroll through the story picture by picture.

This allows you to read comfortably and view the artwork in great detail. The reader will be improved over time. The reader is very much still in beta and we will be adding new features for the foreseeable future — next up is Guided View.


Voting is already active and currently, you can participate in two voting events. Voting is real simple, all you need to do is log in with your Tezos wallet and own the NFT of the comic that the vote is about. Then you click on one of the three choices that you can make. 

The current vote on The Nine series is about the cover of the #2 of the series. From THE NINE artist and comics veteran Steve Ellis come three striking cover sketches featuring the Time Blotter–and your vote will determine which will come to fruition for THE NINE #2.

The current vote of the Emergents Presents series will decide which character of the 1st issue will return in the series first. Now, you can tell us which character was your favorite. Whose story should we continue first in a future issue? Whose adventure is the most exciting?

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